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 Veliko Turnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is the town with the most glorious historical past in Bulgaria. The old metropolis of Bulgaria. It is one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria, having a millennia old life. Each little piece of stone, wood or ground in it is history.

Veliko Turnovo is located in Central Northern Bulgaria, in the foot of Stara Planina Mountain, on the two banks of the Yantra River, cutting a peculiar gorge through Turnovo Hills. It is on a nearly equal distance to the biggest cities in the country - 241 km to the capital Sofia, 228 km to Varna,192 km to Plovdiv and 224 km to Burgas.

It has every right to be considered as the most beautiful Bulgarian town Turnovo with its interesting life reveals very rich historical past. For that reason Bulgarians think about the town as a national sacred place.  

Veliko Turnovo is more than a forgotten grandeur, historical sight or medieval capital.

It's the amazing scenery that grabs the visitor at the first sight.The whole town looks like it has been sprinkled over the steep slopes, following the twists of river Iantra. It is a town that reacts and impresses with its original and unique Revival architecture.

Small and cosy houses in fascinating 19 century style are perched all along the narrow streets, giving the place a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Through the millennia existence of the town many monuments of the culture has been created. All of them related to the glorious history of the Bulgarian nation.

The favorable climate, the presence of many natural and historical sights, the arts and crafts, all that makes the town a preferable tourist destination.

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