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 Buyers Guide

We at understand buying an overseas property can be both an exciting and daunting task. From the moment you consider buying property in Bulgaria we are here to guide you seamlessly throughout the purchase process.

To find out more about real estate in Bulgaria with one of our overseas property experts or to book your one-to-one consultation, please, call us on +359888297441 or email us at

1. Property Selection
We are delighted to offer our comprehensive and competitively priced portfolio with details of buying property in Bulgaria. We believe that our properties will meet your individual preferences and provide an excellent investment.

2. Reservation agreement
After checking availability reserve your chosen property you will be expected to pay up to a 3000 Euro 'Reservation Fee' to remove the property from the market. (Good practice suggests that a 7-day window be allowed). The reservation fee is deducted from your first payment due as per the contract.
Reservation fee is usually non-refundable in Bulgaria.

3. Preliminary Contract
You will receive an initial contract of sale (Similar to "Sold subject to contract" in the UK) usually within 7 days of receipt of the reservation fee. At this stage (or earlier) you might choose to travel to Bulgaria on a viewing trip and our representatives will gladly assist in arranging your itinerary. Often people who are buying property in Bulgaria like to view the area before purchase. If this is the case, will happily tailor an inspection trip for you and make all the necessary arrangements.

4. Legal Representation
We strongly advise clients to perform the standard checks using a reputable Bulgarian Lawyer to satisfy as to the suitability of the Apartment and the implications of buying property in Bulgaria. are pleased to offer our clients a full independent legal service and access to high calibre lawyers when buying property in Bulgaria with us.

*The lawyers we associate ourselves with are independent and act solely on their clients' (your!) behalf and we take no commission for their service.

5. Construction Phase
When buying property in Bulgaria through, we keep you updated every step of the way.

During the construction phase we will provide regular construction updates throughout the build process to allow you to monitor the progress of your property.

Usually there will be one or more interim instalment payments to be made prior to full completion of the property. We will advise you in good time of estimated dates for interim instalments.

Approximately one month prior to completion will send you a homebuyer’s property pack. This includes the final details of buying property in Bulgaria including details of closing procedures, furniture options, rental arrangements, recommended insurance companies and more.

6. Notary Deed and Property Registration
When buying property in Bulgaria the general rule of Bulgarian law is that transactions involving real estate (e.g. purchasing, exchange etc.) should be executed by a notary deed performed in front of a registered notary in the region where the real estate is located. After execution of the deed the notary is obliged by law to register the transaction in the Real Estate Registry in order to make the ownership title of the acquirer defendable against third parties.

Note: If you are unable to attend the Notary Act in person, your legal representative may attend in your place. This individual will need to be a qualified Bulgarian solicitor in possession of a ‘Power of Attorney’ agreement. Due to the importance of the notary act we are able to liaise with you to arrange this.

7. CONGRATULATIONS. You are now the proud owner of a Bulgarian property.
USEFUL INFORMATION about buying property in Bulgaria
All our off-plan apartments are sold on a freehold basis and when buying property in Bulgaria, you buy a section of the building. This section of the building is freehold and there is no lease, the apartment is yours forever, or until you sell.

Foreigners wishing to own land can do so through incorporating a company and Bulgarian company incorporation costs less than £300. If you are buying property in Bulgaria with land please liaise with us to arrange this.

All new build property in Bulgaria is subject to 20% VAT. Our prices include 20% VAT unless stated.

When buying property in Bulgaria the client is responsible for the following local taxes which total between 2% & 3% of the purchase price.

Notary fees, document translation and legalisation costs.
Country Tax (the equivalent of the Stamp Duty in the United Kingdom). This is a maximum of 3.5% of purchase price and is paid to the municipality in which the property is situated.
In the case of off-plan developments, the final Notary Act is not signed until the building is completed.

Maintenance of your property is covered by the Management Contract you sign upon purchase. This is charged at a fixed rate in euros per square metre per year. If building and contents insurance is not covered in the maintenance contract we can assist and provide useful contacts.

When you re-sell your property, convention in Bulgaria is that the new buyer pays the full transfer taxes.

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